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Liberty Boss Amalgam Separator


Amalgam separation for dental offices is now becoming mandated, although some have been " Grandfathered in " within the few years all dental offices will be required to have an Amalgam Separator. The USFDA and the CDC have developed strict separator standards if you are purchasing an Amalgam Separator you should verify it will be compliant with the updated standards. We have attached information to assist you in your decision. Amalgam Separator have various features that may or may not meet your office standards. All of them will re-quire disposal of the amalgam by certified disposal companies. Verify the company you choose will comply with the disposal standards and supply you with a Certificate of Compliance for our records. All Amalgam Separators are designed for maintenance and disposal of amalgam, some with a filtration system and others will be a com-plete replacement of the system. It appears the minimum annual operating cost would be approximately $300 - 400 annually, including the disposal fee.

  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Interim Service
  • No Messy Filter Changes
  • 3 Years Guaranteed Service 1-3 Operatories
  • No Restrictive Flow Lowering Vacuum Efficiency
  • Simple Install and Replacement
  • Cost Effective Solution to Amalgam Separation
  • Captures Soluble Mercury
  • Interior Diameter for Vacuum Flow Largest in the Industry

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