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Roadrunner Hybrid 3 (Variable Speed)


The Roadrunner 3.4HP Hybrid Dry Vacuum System is an exceptionally powerful Dry Vacuum, it is similar to the smaller version Roadrunner, but with more horsepower for the larger dental office. It is a Variable Speed Dry Vacuum System with a "Real Time" sensor that allows for the turbine motor to idle at low speed until the HVE valve is opened and chairside vacuum is required. It uses significantly less electricity and is substantially quieter than any Dry Vacuum System manufactured in the USA today. With low adjustable speed, less heat generation it does have the best level of longevity of all Dansereau vacuum systems.

3.4HP Variable Speed Turbine Motor, 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Separator Tank, Automated Tank Washdown System, Excess Fluid Sensor and Flexible Installation.

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