Dansereau has the most comprehensive product warranty programs available to the dentist today.

We offer a 10 Year Warranty on our Dental Chairs & Delivery Systems with complete features listed below:

5 Years 100% / 6-10 Years Prorated Annually

Dental Chair Electric Motors, Chair Base Frame and Chair Frame

3 Years 100% / 4-10 Years Prorated Annually

Delivery System Internal Tubing (against leaks), Master Valve Regulators, Handpiece Control Blocks (Not Gaskets), Light Posts, Automatic Handpiece Holders, Delivery System Water and Air Flow Control Valves, Stool Cylinders, Manual Chair Switches, Delivery System Flex Arm, Delivery System Telescoping Arm, Cuspidor Frame.

1 Year 100%

Diamond Dental Light, Chair Foot Control, Stool Ring, Stool Seat, Stool Casters, Circuit Board and Prepositioning Switches

6 Months 100%

Base and Unit Covers parts, 3-way syringes, Delivery System Foot Control and Fiber Optics Systems.

30 Days 100%

Dental Light Bulbs, Fiber Optic Light Bulbs, X-ray View Box Light Bulbs

Broken or User Damaged Items are Not Covered under Warranty

Minimum Maintenance is required in order to guarantee full use of warranties.

All dental delivery systems require clean dry air to allow the proper lifespan to the micro valves within the dental delivery system. If your air compressor does not have an adequate drying and filtration system the warranties of the micro valves, on/of toggle valves, relays, regulators, master valves, foot controls, 3 ways syringes and automatic blocks may be void.


Dansereau will guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Defective parts will be repaired or replaced: no claim for labor or consequential damages will be allowed. All replacement parts claimed defective will be filled in the usual manner, such invoice being subject to adjustment after the alleged defective material has been returned and inspect by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper installation, maintenance, accident or misuse.